Izzy’s Magical Football Adventure


Izzy is a seven-year-old girl who lives in Ireland and loves all sport, especially Gaelic Football.
She has three brothers, David, Patrick and Robert.
Izzy plays football with her brothers on a regular basis in their back garden and dreams of playing for her county in the All Ireland Ladies Football Final in Croke Park when she is older.

One day, Izzy puts on her great grandmother’s bracelet, which is made of old All Ireland medals that her great grandmother won a long time ago, and something unexpected and magical happens, which may make Izzy’s Croke Park dream a reality sooner than she expected…………….


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Excerpt from Izzy’s Magical Football adventure

The next thing I knew, everything went bright. I was standing up again. I looked down and I was standing on perfectly smooth grass. Stranger again, I was wearing our county jersey and shorts and my brand new football boots. I looked up and I was standing on a huge football pitch surrounded by lots of other girls, also wearing full county gear. And there were other girls wearing our rival county gear! There were huge stands, full of people, waving flags and cheering! I couldn’t believe it. I was standing in the middle of Croke Park, during a ladies football game against our great rivals, but, unbelievably, I was wearing all our county gear. Was it possible? Was I on the county team? Was I playing for my county?

izzy-solo-magical-football-adventure-kerry-400 I seemed to have grown very tall too, and all the other girls looked to be grown-ups! This was amazing, it must have had something to do with my great grandmother’s medals, I thought.

All of a sudden, I also realised that I was holding the ball. I looked at the scoreboard. We were losing 3-10 to 3-08! I looked at the scoreboard again, there were only 2 minutes left on the clock …

‘Izzy, pass!’ a girl shouted to me. ‘Let’s do what we practised in training,’ she said.

I seemed to somehow know that her name was Mary, but I had no idea what we practised in training!

So I passed to her, and something inside me said ‘run with her’. So I did. I ran along beside her and shouted to her, ‘what did we practice in training, Mary? What do you need me to do?’

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