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“A fantastic read! Imaginative with characters the kids can identify with. My three girls loved it ❤️

– Helen Queally Murphy, Daily Diva Diary

Izzy’s Magical Football Adventure, 
Izzy’s Magical Camogie Adventure, Izzy’s Magical Soccer Adventure and Izzy’s Magical Christmas Adventure are aimed at readers from age seven onwards starting to read independently. They could equally be read to a younger child. They are based around the themes of promoting strong girls, encouraging girls to play sport and girl’s ability to play sport at a high level, while also having a fun magical theme. The football and camogie book are 32 pages long and have lots of lovely illustrations. The soccer and Christmas books are longer at 48 pages but still with lots of beautiful illustrations by Paul Nugent.

Twin Power: Throw In is published by O’Brien Press. It is aimed at age 9/10 plus. It is a longer book than the Izzy books, it is a chapter book. In Twin Power, twins, Aoife and Aidan Power, along with their four best friends love playing Gaelic football. Parish rivalries re-surface and threaten to get out of hand as the children of Droichead Beag National School fight tooth and nail to get their hands on the coveted first ever Star Schools Cup.


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