Great news! I am writing a brand new book for O’Brien Press


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I am writing a brand new children’s book for O’Brien Press which will be published in 2022. It is an absolute dream come true for me to become an OBP author. Their books and authors are superb and their children’s books in particular are a firm favourite in our house. I am eternally grateful to Michael O’Brien and all the team at OBP for their enthusiasm and support for this new book. I am beyond excited about the story. I hope that all the readers out there who have enjoyed my Izzy books will similarly enjoy my new book. Izzy fans need not worry, she is not going anywhere and there will be more Izzy adventures in the future. I am truly enjoying every moment of the creative process involved with developing this new story. The expertise that O’Brien Press being to this process can not be underestimated. They are legendary in Irish publishing and beyond and I am delighted to be embarking on this new adventure with them. Thank you sincerely as always to everyone who has bought an Izzy book, or follows me on social media or who has supported me in so many ways. I really, truly appreciate it. Finally, a huge thank you to my husband and four fabulous children who really do inspire me every day. Sharing this good news with them was the icing on the cake.

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